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The Music of Kaylee Joy Rooklidge

Scroll down for details and to listen to Kaylee's original tracks! Also available on all streaming services.


Part of the Journey

Composed as a freelance commission for a customer via Fiverr, this original orchestral instrumental is inspired by epic soundtracks and was created for use in the client's Star Trek themed podcast and YouTube channel.

June 2023

Between Blinks

Composed as a freelance commission for a customer via Fiverr, this original LoFi instrumental is a strong example of the custom music Kaylee can create on a commercial level. 

October 2022

Afternoon Daydreams

This instrumental LoFi single was originally composed as an underscore for an interview video, but has been condensed into this single version, which is available on streaming services. The chill instrumental was inspired by nostalgia and memories, and all of the sounds were created from scratch with virtual instruments, rather than from samples. 

January 2022

Original Re-Scored Composition for Braveheart Movie

This original piece of music was composed to picture from an iconic scene from Braveheart as part of a sound design project. The final video, which also includes re-dubbed dialogue and sound effects by Daniel Hearns can be found under the portfolio page. 

Recording, mixing, and sound design by Daniel Hearns
Piano by Kaylee Rooklidge
Violin by Samantha Schultz

May 2021


Stargazing is an ambient synth pop instrumental, created during early experimentation and practice using a DAW and virtual MIDI instruments to create music.

May 2020

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